Several years ago when I was taking a class called “Self-full Living” (which I needed so very badly), we did a guided meditation. We went to visit ourselves 10 years into the future. Here’s what happened:

I found myself in a landscape that looked like the Scottish hills. Don’t ask me which ones, but I don’t recall seeing a lot of trees. Everything seemed mossy and there were some rocks nearby where I sat down, waiting for instructions. There was a house in front of me. I thought it was strange because it seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere from my view. I can’t remember specifically what the outside looked like, but I think it was sort of Tudoresque.

girl giving okay sign with her handWe were then told to go and knock on the door (or something similar that made me want to go do that). Guess what? I answered the door looking exactly like myself, only with some gray hair (which I’m already working on, apparently). Older me said she was so happy to see me and invited me in.

I remember following myself toward the back of the house. We passed a wall on my left which had weird stuff all over it – kind of like lots and lots of interlocking gears, but maybe also glass too. I didn’t have much time to look. We went back to a little sun-room and had tea. Well, of course we did. It was me, right?

I wasn’t able to clearly see all of my surroundings. Some of it was obscured and I was given to understand that I wasn’t allowed to see certain things. Not sure why.

Anyway! My future self told me “you are so strong”! My current self suddenly panicked wondering what I was going to go through in the next 10 years to cause me to tell myself that. I immediately asked how my husband and kids were and was told (with a slightly irritated – at them – face) they were fine. I got the idea that they were out somewhere together.

woman with tattoo that says guts over fearThe meditation guided us to accept a gift from our future self. Mine gave me a butterfly clip or bracelet (hard to remember which now). I remember thinking it was the best gift ever.

The point of recalling all of this is to remind myself that in any given 10 years time, I can look back at all of the things I accomplished and all of the things I survived and felt like I just barely got through and say to myself “wow… you are so strong”!

Take a moment to look back on the past 10 years. Remember how awesome you are. Remember how strong you are. See all of the changes you have navigated. Wow, you are so strong!

Don’t you forget it.