Dear Ones,

We are pleased to be back with you through this particular channel. Each channel on your planet at this time brings forward a different aspect of our messages through their particular “filter” so to speak, and we enjoy seeing how you interpret and take in each different message for your benefit.

Now, we would say that we can see there is plenty of chaos there from your perspective. We would say that you have all been experiencing this long enough to make a choice between fear and panic, and making and getting the best possible outcome from this global happening.

Many of you wonder why there was no preparation time given. Why did we not warn you so to speak. And we would answer that we are working in cooperation with your higher selves, and your higher selves already knew. 

We would offer this: if you were to come up with a way to make every being on the planet consider what is most important to their happiness and the happiness of everyONE, what would it be? You have tried wars, and those did bring about appreciation for things that you then lost. You have tried meteors, plagues, weather events, and on and on. But this, you believe, was necessary because there is no one on the planet who is not involved. This is an unprecedented time for all beings – ALL beings – to understand that they are all one. That what affects you, affects all. It is something that you cannot see, but that requires you to act together for the good of the whole.

This is a time of self evaluation. This event comes to each individual in a different way depending on what is left to consider before moving up in frequency. Whether it be loneliness, fatigue, belief in separateness, fear, self hatred, victim consciousness, or many other characterizations. We will remind you – and this you know – none of these thoughts are who you really are. And you are here, right now, to realize who you really are. 

And so, this event and these times are simply a prequel to The Event you have been so looking forward to, and a major effort you have set forward yourselves to clear out those stubborn thoughts that you still believe are you. We will remind you again that YOU are light and love. You are cooperation and aid. You are tears at the bliss of seeing instant change in systems in which no change has ever been possible before. You are the coming together of all things beautiful because you ARE beauty. All of you are.

We recommend taking the rest of the relatively short time this event will last to complete the clearing of all of those thoughts that do not align with who you really are. Focus instead on the REAL you. The you that is in bliss over the oneness with every being on your planet. You are not the victim. You are the creator and The All. We are pleased to be a part of you.

And we thank you.