Today we wish to speak to you about your autonomy and your ability to release old programming that you know no longer serves you or humanity.

We see that in the past it was necessary to explore certain themes and to see how different aspects of these themes interacted and what effect it had on the whole. We, and you, as a whole, now understand the idiosyncrasies of these themes and they are no longer needed within the collective. Some of these themes are greed, traditions for the sake of maintaining a behavior, most hatred, and of course, power over others.

We see in the collective there on Earth that you are all understanding the need to come together to make changes in the direction you wish – the direction of positive change. We see that you all are interested in helping your fellow human (and animal) alike.

You all are in agreement on this. What you are not certain about is how to go about best serving the collective. When you have not yet learned to judge with your heart rather than with the history of information you have gathered throughout your life, and the lifetimes before, it is difficult to know which route to take. We will say that every route leads to progress no matter how divisive the picture now looks.

And so, when you look at those who are supporting practices that do not make sense to you, know that their heart spaces are coming more and more online. Soon, everyone will begin to notice what is in resonance with the good of all. Until then, hold your own heart space open to them so that they may benefit from feeling the frequency of it. When they adjust to that frequency, you will all be in agreement and rapid changes will be forthcoming.

And we thank you.


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