Channeling is a way of adjusting your “frequency” or energy to that of another being or collective of beings for the purpose of sharing information. This information is a telepathic exchange. Everyone can do this.

Channeled Readings

In a channeled reading, Amanda adjusts her frequency to connect to her source of information and guidance and translates that information to answer your questions. She uses the information in collaboration with her own human experience to help the client.

Direct Channeled Messages

In a direct channeled message, Amanda subconsciously interprets the information coming in and instantly converts the telepathic information into words and speaks those words directly from the being or collective she is connected to.


Channeled readings and messages provide a higher perspective view of current issues that we often can’t see clearly while we are experiencing them. The answers provided will resonate and cause “ah ha” moments. They often leave you with a sense of having lifted above the issues to a higher level yourself.

Channeled readings and messages may also include more esoteric topics such as galactic origins and deeper spiritual or philosophical questions. The sky is not even the limit. There is no limit.

How I love these messages! I just wanted to drop a note to you to let you know I look forward to these channeled readings as a great high-point in my month. The accuracy of the guides speaking so specifically to me about things that are currently in my experience and on mind makes me feel seen and understood.

The gentleness with which they express themselves feels so right to me, like they know me well and see what I need and how I can best hear it. 

Sometimes the messages are not understood by me at that moment and then shortly thereafter it I find myself saying “so that’s what they were talking about”.

Thank you so much. I appreciate this more than I can say. Every one is a gem, and it always cheers, inspires, gives me courage and makes me feel loved and appreciated.

~ Laura

Clients often come back for follow up readings for additional questions or issues they wish to resolve or gain clarity around.

Booking A Reading

A one hour channeled reading can include up to 20 questions. For a half-hour, 10 questions and for a quarter-hour, 5 questions. You will receive an email with a link to download your recorded reading after the scheduled time of the reading – when the reading is complete and has time to upload to Google Drive.

In-person channeling sessions are only available through Patreon (Lightworker Live Tier). In these sessions, you ask your questions, or information on topics of your choice, in a live Zoom session booked once monthly.