Dear Ones,

What we have for you today is a message about breaking out. By “breaking out” we mean breaking out of the programs that have led you to believe you are still in the same energies that were present when you came into this incarnation. We also mean that you can now break free of the programs that were also running in the past.

When you organize your thoughts and feelings around an idea, you generally use your experiences as a guide. What we would suggest, and have suggested before, is that you structure your thoughts along how you want a situation to be.  In this way, you are focusing on your creation abilities rather than an old pattern of energy and experience which no longer exists.

Now, for some of you, this may be more difficult. The patterns are still playing out around you. We would say that in time, these will dissipate just by your knowing that the energy is completely changed and open at this time. It will perhaps take an adjustment period before your mind and energy field catch up with the reality of the present energies.

And so, keep focused on that which you want, and look to experience a new way of being that does not depend on what other people think or have done in the past. Create a new path for yourself. As many have said in your times, just because it has not yet been done, does not mean that it can’t be done.

We wish you so much success in your future creations.

And we thank you.