The message we have for you today speaks to the idea of portals or incoming energies. We would say that there are always incoming energies of some type. And you integrate these individually. As a collective, we can see the impact each of these individual integrations has on your group as a whole. And it does have a very large impact.

As you receive the next “wave” as you call it, another shift happens in the collective. These shifts are incremental steps in reaching your goal of ascension to the next level of being we would say. We see that some of these integrations are more difficult than others. Some are quite pleasant for you.

The wave, portal, and integration you are currently experiencing is one in which you may feel very open and expanded in your physical bodies. You may feel as if your physical bodies cannot quite contain the energies at times. You may question whether something is wrong. Nothing is wrong. We see that you, because of your environment, sometimes worry and focus on the “what if” scenarios. We want to reassure you that as long as you receive these energies in a positive light, they will affect you in the most positive ways.

We would suggest that when you feel a large incoming energy, you ask yourself “How would I like this to benefit me?” In this way, you are allowing the energy to affect your physical bodies and your physical world in the most beneficial way possible. That is the plan that is in place for you all. More benefit, more expansion, more of what you want. 

And focusing on what you wish to experience, have and be is one of the biggest reasons you are here at this time.

And we thank you.


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