Dear One,

This is a time in which all things are changing. We speak not only of your systems changing. We speak more of your thoughts and emotions changing. We speak of a general restructuring of your brain and thinking patterns. This is a time in which you will definitively notice changes are happening.

We tell you this because you have all been through quite a lot there in the past several years. And most of you have noticed that changes and activity seem to be speeding up. Meaning, actions and change that once took a decade now take a year. And we will tell you that soon actions that took a decade to create a change will soon take a month. Indeed, this is how you are moving toward instant manifestation.

Now, we do not want your minds to go immediately to fear. We know you have gone through war and sicknesses on a scale to perhaps make you understand that it is these events that will bring about the fastest change.

new energy

It is true that events such as these do bring about rapid change. But they also bring about trauma. And the new energy on the planet is that of compassion and peaceful coexistence. It would not benefit the energies there to continue this pattern of war and sickness as a tool to bring about rapid change.

And so dear ones, what you will come to understand on a very deep level is that the change that will bring about the most rapid transformation there is that which is happening inside you right now. We know you can all feel the great shifting of your own perceptions. It is so for everyone there. But it is especially obvious to those of you who are “tuned in”, so to speak, and ready to begin the process.

You have come here just for this purpose. And so, if you notice that some of your fellow beings seem “clueless” about the progress that has been brewing for some time, know that it is because you are here to set the blueprint and create the energetic, emotional, and even the brain’s thought structure map. You are here to do this as a human so that your fellow humans can do the same.

We will say one last thing. You chose to come here to do this. Your multi-dimensional self wanted to help raise the frequency of the planet and all the beings here. You knew you could do it, and you were excited to be a part of this process.

We are also excited to be a part of this process with you.

And we thank you.

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