Dear Ones,

We can see on your planet a great potential at this time. The potential is for your own healing and advancement. With the eclipse, you have the opportunity to usher in a new era. Not only in your personal lives but in the collective.

We understand that many people have called this eclipse a difficult or challenging time. However, we would like to show you a different perspective from our vantage point.

Eclipse Transformation

When you have an opportunity such as this, getting the fullest use of it is the best possible outcome you could wish for. You can request for this eclipse to help you get rid of that which does not serve you. You can request that this eclipse help you see what you have been believing that is not actually true. You all hold beliefs which are many things other than the truth: that you are love incarnate. Asking for them to be shown to you and then removed from your existence is a very good thing. In these cases, having them brought to your attention should not be seen as β€œbad”, but enlightening. Being aware takes your consciousness to a new level. And that level contains more love and more fun than you have ever experienced.

Watching the eclipseBeing able to be truly yourself – showing your β€œspirit” – the real you – is a way of living we wish for all of you. This eclipse, and the time between eclipses, has been a catalyst for you all to see what is not in alignment so that you can evolve higher into a way of living that is closer to the New Earth experience you wish to have.

And so, dear ones, we wish for you to see what an opportunity you have to become a happier, more relaxed version of yourselves. Allowing the information to show up for you in whatever way the universe has delivered it is quite helpful. It shows you that past ways of thinking and behaving have not served the real you. Bringing these things to your conscious awareness allows you to feel lighter, and in fact, you do become lighter in body as well.

All of these changes add together to bring about the world you most want for yourselves. But first, you have to let the old ways and the old thoughts go. This is the purpose of the current eclipse. Let the old go and embrace the new life you have chosen for yourselves.

As always, we thank you for the opportunity to share this experience with you.

And we thank you.

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