Dear Ones,

At the beginning of your journey there, you had an almost ecstatic outlook on what you set out to do. We can see that after many incarnations, you are feeling stagnant. You are wondering what’s next.

We would offer for you to tap into your own “soul” and find out for yourself. We know that we offer to help you, often. However, you do not need us in order to “figure out” anything. You have all the answers already. We offer merely to facilitate the connection between your human self and yourself in “spirit” as you would say.

And so, when you wonder what is happening, you must look past the ego self and find that “still, small voice” inside of you that is the core of your being.

The core of your being does not feel very strongly opposed to any idea. The core of your being sees everything as an adventure and an expansion of The All. Your core being is Bliss.

If you are looking within for yourself, we think it would help to look for those qualities and disregard anything negative or judgemental. Those are not who you really are. When you are able to reach your core self, or your true self, you can access answers to anything you wish to know.

We think you will enjoy this.

And we thank you.

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