Dear Ones,

When you approach any new endeavor or situation you have a tendency to hold back. You base your expectations on events of the past. We would share some different perceptions that will help you going forward.

You are meant to transition into a new, lighter feeling life.This current time is for shifting perspectives in big ways. You have seen new ideas come up over the past several years. There are new ways of being that the collective there wishes to experience. Because of this, much old, heavy density has been stirred up. There is a reason for this. You are meant to examine it, to know it is there, and then to let go of it. It is in this letting go that you become lighter. We mean both in emotional ways and also so that your body contains less density.

You have heard much about the new light bodies you will be “getting”. We would say you are evolving into them by releasing the density of the past. Both the past in this life, in your other lives, and also in your genetic past.

When you experience emotions around this density being stirred up, we can see that this often makes you feel at fault, or “less than” in some way. Bringing the heavier density to your awareness is meant only to create acknowledgment and release. You are meant to transition into a new, lighter-feeling life. We would tell you that this experience is not a step backward as many of you believe.

And so, when you experience a revival of old, heavy memories and experiences, we would like you to remember that they are only revived to be released at this time. This in no way is a reflection of what you are attracting to yourself. However, it can be viewed as a way to reinforce that you have already made choices to maintain a lighter feeling energy, and way of being.

We hope that you find comfort in this knowledge and that as a result of this information you are able to move forward and release the old energies and densities. You are becoming a lighter being in all ways.

As always, we are here in service to you.
And we thank you.

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