Our Dear Brothers and Sisters of Light,

We come to you today on the edge of a transformation that is waiting for humanity. We come to you to speak of what brings the shift from the extremes of polarity to the harmony so many of you intuitively know is readily available to be accessed.

Today on your planet there are forces at work that will allow the smoother transition to a more harmonious culture there. And there are also forces at work believing their solution is the right one when it is actually very self serving. But we would also say that these self serving beings are locked in a mindset which has a certain vibration. And you can unlock their energetic so that they may access the full range of emotions that will lead to a higher vibration of thinking that is more connected to the all and that is of service to the all.

When you “choose sides”, so to speak, you limit the vibration of the frequency needed to unlock the greater knowledge. What we mean is that deciding something is true or false is to continue to perpetuate the division and polarity there.

And so, we recommend thinking of those who you see as being locked in to a certain belief system and set the intention to allow them their space and way of being. But also, you can certainly send the highest vibration of peace and love and inclusiveness and oneness to them so that they may have access to the knowledge and the collective and the All. Not with the intention of knowing yourself to be right and others to be wrong, but knowing that sending with this feeling and intention brings it back within yourself as well.

In this way, you are perpetuating love and connectedness instead of polarity and division. You are changing from us and them into all and one. We think you would enjoy creating this kind of environment much more than the one you are currently creating.

As always, you can access the light of the All, and our knowledge at any time you choose. We are always available.

And we thank you.