Those of us experiencing ascension symptoms know it can be really tough. From nausea and dizziness, to headaches, feeling achy, weird pains, and on and on. You may not have ever heard anyone explain why we have all of these symptoms or what to do to alleviate them. Here’s my “two cents”.

What Is Ascension?

First of all, for anyone not familiar with ascension, it can be described as a mass spiritual awakening. I like the definition given by Nirmala at this website: “a sudden expansion or shift in consciousness, especially a more dramatic one (we don’t usually refer to a minor realization as a spiritual awakening).”

According to those in the spiritual community, this mass ascension is happening now. If you are reading this, or have become interested in the more esoteric questions surrounding human existence, you are ascending. Apparently not all of us ascend at exactly the same time, but we are all ascending none-the-less.

Those leading the ascension – teachers and helpers – are often called “light workers” or even “the boots on the ground” or “ground crew”. All of the souls on earth are helping with the ascension. And apparently, we are ahead of schedule! Woo hoo!

Transition Period

crashing wavesSo, since we have not ascended into a new, lighter frequency all the way yet, we are still oscillating back and forth between a heavier density (some call this 3D (3rd dimension), some call it 4th density) up to the 4th or 5th dimension or 5th density. What happens when you go back and forth constantly between the two? Ascension symptoms.

Imagine you’re standing chest deep in the ocean. The waves are going back and forth and you are just trying to keep your footing. That’s what it feels like now in real life. We are trying to keep our footing emotionally and physically while the waves are pushing us back and forth between densities. So you can go from euphoric to depressed from one minute to the next. You can also go from perfect health to major bodily malfunctions in nothing flat.

Lightworker Tools

calm water and mountainsI have been experiencing nausea and dizziness for weeks now. My whole family has mentioned the same at one time or another. Completely frustrating! So I did a meditation this morning to ask what I could do to alleviate my symptoms. The answer seemed like common sense, but we probably all do these too infrequently. Here they are:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Hypnosis
  • Sleep
  • Observation
  • Any kind of meditation or hypnosis will help you to rise up above the sloshing about between densities. Once you remember you are really always there, your symptoms disappear. Of course when you’re sleeping you aren’t really “here” either, so that’s good. There is a lot of advice out there about taking naps. Let your body adjust.

    The only one on this list that stands out is observation – taking a moment to look at things from a higher perspective. When I slosh back into 3D I can tell immediately because part of me yells “what the heck are you doing?!” and then I can slosh back the other way and live where I’d rather be.

    Side Effects

    I’ve noticed some side effects of ascension that the spiritual community is starting to talk about as well. We humans have our own tools to keep us from experiencing the turmoil of ascension: Bad. Habits. Yep, the easiest way to keep yourself in 3D and not sloshing around is to pick up your old stand-by bad habits. Eating junk food, stimulants like caffeine, also smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, or other addictive behaviors like gambling, or shopping or whatever. So if you find yourself picking up your old bad habits, or suddenly gaining a lot of weight, your ego self is simply trying to keep you anchored to 3D to avoid the sloshing around. Try the tools above instead. You can even customize them for your particular “crutch”.

    I hope this has helped explain ascension symptoms, why we have them, and how we can make them not as noticeable or non-existent while we are ascending. I’m planning to make a hypnosis MP3 for alleviating ascension symptoms, so stay tuned!