I’ve always told people that even frightening past lives aren’t so bad. After all, that life is done. It’s over. You are no longer there and, generally speaking, you don’t truly experience the horrifying parts as if you are still there.

So what happens when you casually take a little peek into the past to see how you knew someone and the regression becomes dark and twisted?

I like poking around to see how the people in my life were related to me in other lives. It’s fun for me. But one night I took a trip into the past and saw something I couldn’t un-see or un-know.

My intention was to see if I had known a friend of mine in a past life. Let’s call him John for privacy’s sake.

I got comfy, started my guided past life regression recording, and, as my regression began to unfold, I found myself in what seemed like a cave. It was dark. There were rocks here and there – big rocks. I was a woman dressed in long dark clothing. I looked over behind one of these big rocks and saw a few small children hiding there – with eyes as big as saucers. It was as if they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

cloaked figureThen I noticed him behind me. A tall figure in a dark hood. Suddenly my perspective changed and I was outside of myself. I realized this dark figure was doing really, really bad things to me. In front of my children. Such bad things my mind said “you don’t really want to see this, so we’ll make it all dark”. But I knew.  And it also said this horrible, disgusting person was John.

“That is not John!” my mind screamed. “That’s about as far from John as you can get! What the heck? Why did you show me this?” I asked.

Then everything changed.

I was suddenly somewhere else.  I knew it was the place where I had been planning the life I had just seen – right before. Everything was black, or maybe just dark. Maybe, because my attention was on something else, I just couldn’t see any background. There was an older soul beside me to my left. He seemed like a wise old man. He was helping me plan that life.  In front of me and to my right was a group of souls. They all looked like light – like the opposite of shadows. I could see their human-ish outlines, but they were made of light (like everyone there – including me). I knew that they were the souls who were going to do this or that in the life we were planning – things one or the other of us wanted to work out. They all had small rolls though.

Then it was time to chose the main roll. Who was going to be the one to help me with the main lesson in that life: the main experience? Who was going to play the “bad guy”?

Immediately when the wise man and I thought this question (there is no “talking” there because there isn’t any need for it – everyone knows your thoughts and intentions) a soul zoomed right up in front of us and said “I’ll do it. I’ll go.” Can you guess who it was? It was John of course. It was as if he had been waiting in the wings the whole time for this opportunity.

Since everyone’s thoughts and intentions were known to everyone else involved, I knew what his were. Was it to get to be the one to torture and kill me? No. It was because he knew that the experience in this life was going to be very difficult for me. He knew that some souls can take 50 lifetimes to fully understand a single experience. He wanted to do the job so thoroughly that I would only have to do it once. Both because it was a difficult experience, and also (I think) so that I could “advance” more quickly.

And there was even more to it. Think of the experience he had to go through to become the twisted person who did those horrible things to me in that life. What torture did he endure to be of service to me?

How beautiful is that? How’s that for a sacrifice? But you know what? I never got the feeling he thought of it as a sacrifice at all. And that’s John for you. He wants to serve in the greatest way possible.

Now I understood why I was shown that life. I wanted to know how John and I had known each other before and I got my answer – at the soul level.

Now, looking back I think “Wow. That was just one snapshot of the planning of one single life.” What if everyone on Earth knew that at some point or another they had made a similar sacrifice for another soul, or another soul had sacrificed for them? My guess is that we have all done this in some way – maybe hundreds of times. Maybe tens of thousands. Let that sink in for a minute.

There is no moral to this story. Well… maybe just this:

You and everyone you know are probably a whole lot more incredible than you have ever imagined.