You might think from reading my other past life descriptions that I was always a young, wealthy woman.  La dee dah!  Well, no.  In fact, I have had as many past life regressions as a male than as a female.

In this particular past life regression, I was after any blocks to money.

The first thing I saw in this experience was a fist coming at my face. I was transporting a cart of goods somewhere and got robbed.  The jerks punched me in the face and made off with my stuff.  Darn it!

the merchantI seemed to be a merchant, and not a particularly attractive one.  I didn’t even seem to have a very good personality.  In fact, I was heavy, with dark, wavy (maybe slightly frizzy) hair, a big flat nose and smallish eyes. It seemed like it was hard to breathe as I walked – possibly all that extra weight or a bad diet.

I think it was around the 1400’s or 1500’s in some Scandinavian country. I couldn’t get the name of it, but looking at my younger brother’s hair, I just kept thinking “kinda Dutch like”. He was blonde.

I had a really nice house (for that time) and servants (for whom I held no affection and in fact probably didn’t even know their names).  I seemed kinda simple and focused only on my job as a merchant.  I was apparently good at making money at that time, but didn’t have any sort of a personal life and not much personality at all.

I remember my younger brother was getting married and I was hosting the wedding at my house. I remember thinking “It would be nice to have a wife of my own” but not enough to bother doing anything about it apparently.

Finally, I remember walking down a hall in my house and having trouble catching my breath. I sat down in a little niche in the wall and promptly expired.  Probably a heart attack.  I feel sorry for whomever found me – probably a maid whose name I didn’t even know.

What did I learn? 

Apparently I had a fear of something bad happening to me if I had a lot of money. Also, there’s the idea that you can either have money, or love/happy relationships, but not both. This regression helped me recognize that neither of those things is necessarily true. They may just be hold overs from previous lives, clinging unnecessarily, or for the purposes of learning and growing in this life.