Dear Ones,

We can support you today by letting you know, as we frequently do, that you are greatly loved and admired by so many – not only by your fellow humans but by so many beings in various densities and dimensions. We tell you this because we know the feeling of isolation you experience there.

When you are not in the density in which you currently exist, you know that you are a part of an infinite “whole”. You not only know this, but you feel it. And because of this, you have no doubt or fear or self-loathing or desire. You are “at peace” as you say. However, because you have chosen to have the experience of “evolving” through your current lifetime and others on Earth, it was necessary for you to feel separate. 

You can not learn and expand when you are already an infinite being. And so, the Earth and the dimensional “wrapper” it exists in, is your current “playground”. It is there so that you may experience what it is like to not know that you are one with The All, The Creator, or God as you might call it. Because you know what it is like to be infinite – that is your nature. But you have not known what it was to be limited.

And so, because you have expanded as far as you can within this environment, it is time for you to remember who you really are. Not only will you remember your true nature, but you will “have fun” embodying your true self while still on Earth. We know that as your true selves, you think this is the most exciting of experiences.

You have gone from feeling and being very “individual” as you call it, to beginning to understand what it is to be who you really are. 

You are feeling compassion for others because you know deep down that they are part of you. You want to end suffering because you have experienced it to the fullest. And there is no further separation to be had here.

Now is the time to begin to come back together as one. This happens when you remember that you are not “alone”, but that you are loved, and you are love. Releasing the learned information of many, many lifetimes on Earth takes time and practice, and as you say, we are “here for it” (as are many others).

Reach out to your fellow beings – both on Earth and beyond. We are a part of each other.

As always, we are here in service to you.

And we thank you.

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