I’ve been a little sad lately. Over the years of channeling and facilitating hypnosis sessions, I’ve learned a lot of profoundly helpful information – and I want to share that with people. I want to share it because I know it will help them. I know it. But so many people are giving all of their attention to what they don’t want that they don’t even seem interested in knowing what will allow them to live the life they’ve been dreaming of and waiting for. While I was thinking about this today, a vision popped into my mind.

I saw a large group of people assembled to watch the demolition of a tall building. At first, they were excited. It was an old building – not really suitable for modern use – and a good thing it was being taken down. But as they were waiting for the demolition to begin, they had begun to worry. “Why is it taking so long? Something must be wrong.” And as the buzz of that energy traveled around the crowd, the frenzy grew. “We’ve got to DO something! This building has to come down RIGHT NOW!” At that point, all the people in the crowd were angry. And the building started to come down as was originally scheduled. Nothing had actually gone wrong.

Building being demolishedBut the energy of the frenzy continued, and the people started worrying about other things. “What if that building hurts someone when it falls?! What if it falls on us?!” They had fed the energy of doubt and worry, and they had become stuck in it – and it was now leading their emotions.

What they didn’t even notice was that a small percentage of the group, seeing the building come down normally, as planned, had started watching an amazing new building being put up right behind them. This group was applauding and even helping to landscape around it. They were contributing to something they wanted to be a part of and loved it. They were having fun.

Now, for some of the people watching the new building being constructed, the shrieks and cries of the crowd behind them were upsetting. They tried to go over to those people, tap them on the shoulder and say, “But wait – if you just turn around, you’ll see something much better.” And when the people wouldn’t listen it was very sad.

And this is where I am. I know that the old structures are coming down whether we focus on them or not. And I know that if all of the people would turn around and focus on the new “building,” not only would they be happier, but the new building would be built so much faster.

Here’s what I think will help. Those of us who are focused on building the new can set that pattern or vibration and intend to “overlay” that energy onto those who are freaking out right now (still). In this way, we can dissipate some of that frenzied energy that has them caught – unable to turn around and see and feel the new being built. And I would so much like them to feel better. I would really like us all to work together to build the New Earth we’re ready for. I know we can do it.

Much Love


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