I guess it was a couple of years ago – maybe three – that I first heard about The Event. No, I’m not talking about the TV show, I’m talking about something you’ll find in fringe culture that is becoming not so fringe. As far as I can tell, The Event is a turning point in human history where things will get dramatically better for all humankind. Where we will all know for certain that we are all a part of each other and won’t be able to tolerate injustices for anyone in the world. Technology beyond our wildest imaginings and beings we didn’t know existed will all be known to us along with a lot of other stuff. And apparently it will happen for most of us at once – like a flash of light.

Ron Head and The Event

I think I stumbled upon The Event while researching hypnosis training courses. One of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis therapy) trained practitioners posted this video in which Ron Head describes The Event under hypnosis. There are now five parts on this topic. He starts by saying uncomfortable times are coming which will bring about change (I don’t know about you, but I think we’re seeing this right now). Don’t worry though, the world won’t be destroyed. Apparently, it isn’t allowed. “Do not go into fear… Stay in anticipation” he says. The first of these sessions were recorded in 2013 and early 2014.

Bashar and The Event

Also in 2013, an announcement came at a channeling event. Bashar, channeled by Daryl Anka doesn’t normally give any predictions. He says things are always in flux and only probabilities are available, and only for that particular moment that you ask a question. However, at this particular event, associated entities came through and gave the following prediction:

In your year of 2016 …, a transformational point in the fall of your year of 2016 prior to your country’s new coming election EVERYTHING will change!

…This transmission will be given 3 times over the course of this event. In your upcoming fall of 2016 EVERYTHING will change! You are crossing a threshold that you have been preparing for many thousands of years. We are privileged to be the ones to announce to you this upcoming threshold in your collective consciousness, for we relate to you as a collective consciousness and read in your collective consciousness this upcoming change of great transformation. In your upcoming fall of 2016 EVERYTHING will change! You have 2 ½ years to express yourself in the way that is most in alignment with your being, for after that threshold EVERYTHING will change.

milky way the eventThe Killshot as a Clue

So are these two related? There are a couple more hints that something is up. There’s a guy named Ed Dames who was a Remote Viewer for the U.S. military. He says a team of remote viewers has seen an event that changes the world – in his view, not for the better. The part I remember the best is when he describes them seeing a flash of light in the sky, and then all of the soldiers on the battlefield just lay down their weapons and go home. Sounds good to me, but Dames thinks the flash is a solar event which will bring about death and destruction. They don’t call him Dr. Doom for nothing. You can watch his full length video all about what he thinks will be the “Killshot” at this link.

Is Remote Viewing The Event Possible?

There is a project going on with another group of Remote Viewers called the Time-Cross project. Remote Viewers are tasked with viewing the event(s) that are the biggest news stories for the following month. So far they have been eerily accurate. I am anxiously awaiting what they have viewed this month (September) about events in October. Will they see The Event?

The Event Discovered Under Hypnosis

Yet another reference to an event which would bring a change to our world was mentioned in Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe Book I. I wish I had the book here to quote directly from it, but I don’t (I checked it out from the library). I do remember reading an account of someone under hypnosis who talked about the second coming of Christ not being a person, but a consciousness. This is similar to what Ron Head describes in the youtube videos above.

sky universe Can you imagine how much our world would change if we suddenly all realized that we are worthy, that we are all connected, and that there is more than enough to go around if we all just work together? If we had technology like free energy? If we didn’t all have to work so darn hard? Is this what The Event is? Somehow I think this is just putting it too simply. Somehow I think there will be much more to it. At least I would hope so.

In order for the whole world to change, a whole lot more of us need to wake up. And the ones who think they are already awake have room to feel what they already know on a deeper level. If there is an event coming in the next month where we see a big flash and the love, understanding and knowing descends upon us, things are going to change really quickly. I don’t know about you, but I am SO in. Even if it doesn’t happen in a great big exciting event, but a gradual awakening, I’m still in. Bring it!

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