If you ever watch a person channel someone in spirit, eventually they say something like “your words are not precise, but…”, or they give a metaphor. I understand why after having channeled, myself. English (or any language) has too many different connotations for the same words to express everything you want to convey clearly enough.

How It Works

two people standing in a field at sunsetMessages from spirit are not only sent with thought/words, but emotion and imagery as well. So trying to translate a message like that into just words is just so challenging and restrictive.

In my past life regression, where I was planning one of my lives, I also felt the intentions of other souls. So you have this multi-dimensional way of conveying many things at once. Yet, here on Earth we can only use words to try to describe all of that. That’s tricky.

Is It Really Telepathy?

Telepathy is sort of an imprecise term. I think it’s generally accepted as meaning you can talk to others using your mind to transmit the words to someone else’s mind. That doesn’t really cover this all-encompassing communication that people receive from spirit.


The spiritual community also talks about “downloads”. This is where you just suddenly have knowledge and understanding of a complex subject or idea. It wasn’t there, and then it’s just all there. You realize, you know now.

How handy is that? What if we could just ask for understanding about a situation or relationship in our lives and wake up having the answers? Lots of people do, actually.

What if we went through our lives everyday looking for – not just the words, but – the emotions, intentions and images that go with them? Would we understand so much more? Would it just require practice?

I think we should all try it.