Hey everybody, it’s Amanda – part of your lightworker support team and this is the September 2022 Q&A for Patreon.
Got a lot of questions from YouTube this month, so posting to YouTube as well. Let’s get started.

First question is from Rob:
Will there be a record set for extreme temperatures this winter in central USA? Or how does the winter look this year?
Okay, I see a big… well, first I saw a lot lot of heavy snow in Missouri. So, you know, St Louis – be prepared. Southern Missouri is, you know, mostly where I was looking. But there seems to be a big area of snow for this winter that goes from maybe the northwest edge of Texas and through Oklahoma runs up, you know, through Missouri and up to the Great Lakes on a diagonal. I’m not seeing a lot for Texas I’m looking for ice or rain – it seems pretty dry. Maybe drier than normal. Louisiana’s got a lot of rain and Kentucky… Mississippi. Well, let me look at Kentucky again. I don’t know why I said Kentucky but I’m gonna just go with it, because usually those “mistakes” are for a reason. Definitely Mississippi. Arkansas seems like a mishmash. I see tornadoes in the lower southeast corner, so maybe also in the surrounding states in that area with that system – which is weird for winter to me. I’m checking central Arkansas. It just seems pretty normal for winter. I do see snow in northwest Arkansas, but it seems like it’s not determined yet. It could go very heavy snow along with that system that brings really heavy snow into Missouri, or it could just – not miss us, but sort of like… I don’t know how to explain it. Somehow we don’t get as much in northwest Arkansas which is like – the probability’s looking like that now. Not as much as they do north of us and northwest of us. That’s really all I see for that.

Okay, next question from Rosemary:
I’m wondering if you know about the Montana megaliths – shoot I meant to research this so I even knew what I was channeling about – I kept coming across them and ignored it because I was skeptical until it kept showing up so I decided to look into it and the work of Julie Rider. Apparently, they are remnants from very ancient civilizations with some similar structures all over the world. Is it true? What can you tell us about them? And as it’s on the topic of rock formations, what can you tell us about the origins of our mysterious and sacred Uluru here in Australia? (I don’t know if I said that right.) What significance does it hold for the shift we’re going through?  Thanks.

Okay so first – very ancient civil civilizations with similar structures all over the world is it true?
I didn’t look into this, but I do know that we do have… I know there are some stone structures like in North Carolina. Oklahoma… there’s some stone with weird writing in Oklahoma. So my immediate feeling is yeah it’s true. Some other cultures have been here before. But let me tap in and see what they have to say about that.

Okay, this is interesting. So they’re saying that sometimes dimensions overlap and when we start being open to ideas (like of ancient civilizations) then we may get to see things from those ancient civilizations in our dimensional reality. So people that don’t know anything about it are not going to know anything about them, right? But it’s like we’re open to the idea of something else and so we can see those things. We notice them. And you know…  most people will go their whole lives and not know anything about them and they’re… I always think I sound crazy (and I do), but they’re relating it to the sasquatch/bigfoot sort of trend. That it’s just another dimensional reality that we can sometimes see. It blends our two realities at points and times where we’re just in the right alignment with the two different dimensions in the same space. And we can see things that are very strange to us and not normal.

Okay, what was the other part of that?
Rock formations. The origins of our mysterious and sacred Uluru. I should have looked that up. Actually, I’m gonna look that up… hold on. Okay, that’s exactly what I thought it was. I just wanted to see a picture. I didn’t read anything about it. But the significance is that this is sort of (direct channeled here) is that:
It’s a reminder that the history of earth is a very long one. There have been many cultures that have come and gone.
Hold on they’re saying something about the dimensions too, so I was asking “Is this a part of like a dimensional shift?”, but everybody can see this. So what’s the significance of that? It made the shift before our culture came into existence so it’s like that part of another dimensional civilization is… it became merged with ours before we were even aware enough to be a civilization ourselves. And by that, I mean the native Australian… I can’t remember what they’re called… Aborigines. I feel like there’s something very odd about it. I’ve never been to Australia. I don’t know anything about this. I just know it’s iconic. But I feel like it’s so very out of place like maybe it was part of something else and the something else is not here but only that is here. Like a complex of something.

Does it have a role in the shift?
Insofar as it piques our curiosity and we want to learn more about the unknown. So we search and we find others who are also interested and we expand our awareness. And in that way, it, of course, has something to do with the great transition. In and of itself it is inert. It has no power but what your energetic beings give it. They’re saying it’s like somebody says they saw a ghost in a famous place and then everybody goes to the famous place expecting to see a ghost. Well, they’re adding their energy to the idea that there’s a ghost there. So, they, in a way, create ghosts, create things that happen there – even if they’re not there, you know. Every person that comes there expecting to see a ghost is adding their energy to that idea. So that energy is going to be there. And eventually someone, you know, with enough… I would say like… power to focus that thought will cause it to, you know, like move things and, you know, cause feelings of dread or feelings of being scared. I’m not saying there’s no such thing as ghosts – there are. But they’re saying that the power of this monument, so to speak, comes from the energy that we all give it.

From pepper tree
So apparently many different beings are messing with earth for their own reasons. While they seem smarter than us – at least more scientifically advanced – aren’t they still just more layers of this third density game? Seems like they’re fighting amongst themselves and selfishly experimenting just like us earthlings. No more advanced really. What’s the difference between them and beings who are truly (for lack of a better word) ethereal?

That’s a good question. [direct channeling begins] Just as you came to this place to experience whatever your desires on earth these beings come here to experience as well. And as this is a polarized world they will do things in negative polarity that those in positive polarity focus will not enjoy. But you all agreed to come here. You all knew it was a polarized planet. And so, until such a time as the collective decides that there are no more lessons that need to be learned or that can be learned on earth, the negative polarity will stay. However, you do not need to experience any negative polarity. You can focus your energy to shift into a reality where the negative polarity no longer exists for you. This is a time of what you have been calling The Shift, and we have been calling “The Great Transition” – where you realize that you have the free will and the ability to shift your reality of earth into that which you most want. In other words, you focus on your positive aspects and your positive thoughts – what you want to see in the world – and you shift into the reality where you see that. You become that self in that reality. [end direct channeling]

So there aren’t just one or two dimensions that we can shift back and forth between. It seems like there are a lot of shades of reality, shades of dimensions. So those that want to dabble in the negative polarity stuff will stay with the negative polarity dimensions. Whereas we can move up/away from the negative dimensions and still be on earth. So if you focus your energy on more positive things then you move into a slightly more positive dimension. And then the more you focus and get used to that, then you move up again. But when you focus back down on the negative, then you go back down into the negative and you live there in that polarity. Wow, that’s cool.

Where do the Arcturians fit into the mix?
The Arcturians are not embodied. They don’t interfere. You have to ask for help. You have to have the intention to work with them… or not “work”… I hate that word. Interact with them. I sat down and practiced getting in state and then meditating and then trying to connect with guides. And they were available so that’s who I connected to. And I think it’s easy, easier for them. I think they’ve become accustomed to working with our energies to match enough to get messages back and forth if that makes sense. They don’t, to my knowledge… they’re just helpers. They don’t have negative polarity. They don’t contain negative polarity, so they just send us love and give us broader perspective advice. They don’t fight negative polarity because they know that not only does negative polarity serve a purpose for us – well, whoever wants to interact with it. But if you fight against something you just add energy to it. So they just choose not to be in a reality – in a state – where they interact with negative polarity at all. They don’t have it.

visual thinker
If we have the power to create our own reality then why is it… I love this question… why is it that when I state and declare – along with many of us – that I do not want the aches, pains, chronic fatigue, and all the other ascension symptoms to be a part of my reality, it still is very much a part of my reality. Is there a proper way to declare/word it so that it can be lifted or are we stuck with these majorly uncomfortable growing pains?

Okay, bunch of information at once. So part of it is – they come from an excess of emotion that is unresolved. And that it can be from a long time ago. So even if you shifted your emotions – you’ve shifted your perspective – it’s still like residue in your body. And the other thing is you can always ask for help to clear it out. But it shows you where you still need work. So you can ask your guides and helpers to help you remove it, and what they will do is they will bring up situations, or put you in the path of situations or interactions, where you’ll be given an opportunity to resolve something that is causing the aches and pains.

So I’m asking “How do we know how to resolve it the right way if we didn’t do it before?” Okay, they say “You’re in a new place now. You’re in a better place – you’ve upgraded. It’s just a residue, most likely. Otherwise, you know what it’s from because there’s a situation currently in your life that is upsetting to you and that’s most likely the cause of it.” I was thinking of Louise Hay’s book. Whenever I have a weird pain that I’m like “Why does this hurt? This is weird.” Then I look up “Louise Hay elbow pain” or something. Then it’ll say – not only what causes it (what emotional problem causes it) – but it gives you an affirmation to repeat to yourself to help fix it. So they’re saying you could do that or you can just ask yourself “When did it start?” This is what I would do in hypnosis. I would ask when it started and I would say “What was happening in your life right before you started having this ache or pain really bad?” I know I’ve had lower back pain off and on for years but sometimes I don’t notice it at all. I don’t have any pain at all. And sometimes I have a lot of pain and I know what causes it. It’s just a matter of acknowledging it and resolving the issues or resolving the emotion within yourself around those issues. Then you wake up the next morning and you’re okay.

Is there a proper way to declare or word it?
I would just ask for help. I would just mentally: angels, guides, protectors, please help me remove this pain (if it’s not necessary anymore). Or help me see what emotion it is. Or you can journal. You just journal like ‘my leg really hurts’, ‘my knee is always bothering me and I don’t know why, but this is what happened’. Sometimes when you journal about it, things come up that you don’t know anything about. Then if you can’t process those emotions, I have been loving EMDR. There are EMDR tone things on YouTube. You just wear headphones and then you think of the emotion that’s bothering you and it helps you process it. Or the past happening and it helps you process it way faster than meditation alone. So I really like that.

Alright, I guess that’s it for this month. Thank you to those of you that asked questions.

Much Love

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