Dear Ones,

When you have a part of yourself that is unhealed you may find it difficult to get past certain “blocks” to that which you truly want for this life. We would explain what service these blocks provide so that you can proceed through them with the most ease.

As we have said before, ALL is of service in the expansion of your being – whether the mind judges something as good or bad. What you can do in order to “work” this expansion is to recognize how it operates.

For example, if you come across money repeatedly and you experience the almost instantaneous loss of that money repeatedly, there is a message there for you. When you recognize the meaning in the message, you will stop having the experience of loss.

Finding the meaning can seem somewhat difficult from your perspective because of the myriad distractions present. This is why we repeatedly ask you to take some “time” to clear your mind. And we would add that simply clearing your mind long enough to seek a solution may not garner you an appropriate result.

It is in the restructuring of the mind where the “magic” happens. When you make a routine of having peace within and connecting to your true self, you are more likely to see the messages and the meanings that you come across in an easier way. In other words, you won’t have to “work for it”.

Now is the perfect opportunity to clear old patterns and beliefs from your emotions and your mind – and therefore your energetic field. We think you would enjoy doing this with more ease and in a much faster way than you ever have before.

We would like to see you give yourselves the gift of caring – from yourselves, to yourselves. The more you do so, the easier it will be to remove the perceived “blocks” to the peaceful lives you are looking for.

We hope this helps you.

And we thank you.

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