Dear Ones,

We can see that you are feeling the pull toward something more advanced. We mean that you have passed the idea of simply living from the heart and being your true light selves. You wish to advance to more impactful “work”

We would tell you that the best work you can do is to start with those nearest to you. Begin by setting the intention to allow them to see the light that they truly are. Once a being sees or begins to see their true nature, so many paths open up which are (we think) more pleasing to you on the planet at this time.

Our suggestion is that you take a few minutes every day (at any time) and set the intention of sending the knowledge of your chosen person’s true being into their physical vessels. You can have fun with this using any metaphor you like. You may see this as energy flowing into them from above. You may see a stream of water flowing to them and filling them up. You may see them being surrounded by light.

We recommend you have fun with this. We know you are more likely to participate in this sort of activity if it is enjoyable. Eventually, you will start to see more sparks of the divine within your chosen recipients. Not only will they benefit from this, but we think you will enjoy this as well – in many ways.

And we thank you.

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