We will speak to you today on a topic encompassing all the cultures on your planet at this time and in the past. You can see that each culture has its own way of examining the spiritual aspect of your existence. And you can see, through their art and through their individuals (which come forward to stand out as examples of mastery) that there is an underlying theme or feeling. Many people believe that your eastern philosophies hold much truth in the way you ultimately experience your Earth lives, but from a perspective outside of those lives.

We would say there are many perspectives and there are many reasons beings choose to experience Earth lives. It is never about one topic. It is never about one lesson. It is always multi-layered. And so, the perspectives you each have, contribute to a whole picture. And in this way you can examine the different cultures, the different (what you call) religions, and you can see that some vary greatly. But you can also see that aspects of every religion and every spiritual practice contribute to the whole and the bigger picture of your experience. And we would say that this means [that] what you experience is not necessarily what you wish to experience. But it is a complete picture of your experience through time on Earth.

Now, how do you change your experience? And can you change it using spiritual practices? Yes. We would say, as you adjust the spiritual practices that you use that contribute to the big picture, the big picture changes. So, for example, if this particular spiritual community adjusts its perceptions to include unconditional love, understanding and peace, then, even if this community – which has shifted its perception – is a small percentage, it is still changing the whole. And when you look at the picture of the whole, you can see that it now includes something it did not include before. And we would also say that this little slice of pie in the whole chart that you are contributing to – when you hold this frequency and vibration of unconditional love and peace and understanding and community and connectedness – it will expand and become a greater part of the whole.

And so, when you feel you are not contributing enough, when you feel this community is not a big enough portion of the whole – of all the perspectives on your planet at this time – we would say it is enough, and it is expanding, and it does not even require more individuals to expand. Your holding of this piece creates a frequency or vibration in those around you. So if you imagine holding your piece of the pie of the chart (as you often portray these things) the other pieces in the pie cannot help but be influenced by your proximity –  by your holding of this frequency. And now we would also add that this pie is not two dimensional. It is actually a globe. and we could say the outside edges are connected to all the other perspectives.

And so, even from your position of this piece of pie (you would say), you are influencing all. Or, we would say, your holding of the frequency of these feelings and this intention expands to all because you are all connected. So do not feel you have no influence. Do not feel you are not making a change. You are, and you will continue to do so.

And we thank you.


[During this channeling I was seeing Egyptian and Indian art, and the colored or unusually featured beings in this art are (or may have a connection to) non-Earthly beings like the Arcturians, Pleiadians, etc.]