Dear Ones,

We will speak to you today on a topic no one really wishes to discuss. We will speak about your propensity to draw conclusions which do not serve you. We mean that we see and feel many of you focusing upon that which does not resonate with your higher frequency self.

We would recommend that if you wish to serve humanity and yourselves at this time, and pave the way for the next phase, you focus upon what that next phase will look and feel like. We understand that many of you hold the vision for the New Earth and new way of being and interacting there. Now it is time to align with that vision.

You do this in ways that are resonant with that New Earth and that is how you draw yourself into it, and draw it into your current “time”. We will explain how this would “look” from your perspective:

  • You wish to live in a New Earth paradise.
  • You imagine yourself as you would be at that time and in that place (in whatever way you think it will be).
  • You bring those thoughts and feelings back into your present life and live it as if you are living in the New Earth now.

We understand that your surroundings are not always such that you can do this with complete ease. But we will tell you that if you live from a perspective of expecting others to act as if they too are from New Earth, then you will experience New Earth relationships. And if you live from a perspective of expecting your foods and plant matter to be as New Earth foods and plant matter would be, then you will experience New Earth foods and plant matter. Do you see what we are getting at here?

When you live from the perspective of being in the New Earth today, you bring it into your reality today. And we think you would much prefer to live in New Earth right now than waiting for someone to deliver it to you at some unknown point in the future.

We look forward to watching your success in this endeavor.

And we thank you.