We Greet You,

We are sharing this message today because we believe that knowing the following will aid you in your “missions” there. You have been spoken to about energetic blueprints and how you create them by holding a higher ideal than is common in the energy there. And you should know that this affects others who are near that understanding, to come into alignment or vibration with that idea or ideal as well.

You should know that one of the many objectives you are accomplishing there at this time is setting an energetic blueprint of peace among many different types of beings. In fact, as you may know, there are many different galactic types embodied there at this time. And you may sense a similar or very different type of being when you meet their Earthly form. You will either resonate strongly as being of a similar origin, or you will strive to understand them because you sense a very different type of being than your origin.

You will understand at some point that one of the many blueprints you have chosen to set up there is one of unity. When you meet a different type of being outside of that Earth experience, you are interested and acclimate to interactions with them. And when you are there on Earth, you are trying to achieve the same state. It is, of course, more difficult there. However, you are setting a template to guide others. 

We share this so that you can understand. When you meet another type of being in an Earth incarnation, you are also striving to acclimate to interactions with them when it is not the type of interaction you are accustomed to. However, once you accomplish this task, others will more easily be able to follow, and the transition to unity will accelerate and occur much more “smoothly” as you say.

All of you listening or reading these words are a part of the mission there, and we are happy to reconnect with you in this way.

Continue your great works there and you will be so pleased with the results – both there and when you return “home”.

[Slight bow/nod along with the Universal thanks emotion]
Spokes-being from the Galactic Council (also called the Galactic Federation)