We Greet You With Love and an Inpouring of Light Dear Ones,

Today we will speak to you of something we believe you will find most helpful. Today is a day in which all of your wishes can be answered. We speak, of course, of your own ability to procure, or we would say create, whatever it is you most want.

We have spoken before about your own abilities to bring forth, into your reality, those ways of being you strive for. And you know that it is with focus and practice that you can attain the states you wish to achieve.

And so all that is left is for you to begin the practice. 

We would ask: What is it you most wish to achieve, have, do or be first? You simply need to choose a focus – and then choose a practice to funnel or target this focus down into a pinpoint of creation energy such that you bring that thing or way of being into your experience.

If we were there (which we are, in a way, through you and your experience) we would choose one concept and begin to focus it into creation by having a daily practice.

And so, we recommend, to attain the states you most want, begin by narrowing your focus and choosing a daily practice in order to achieve it. This can be done in the way you most prefer – be it through writing every morning, meditation and visualization, hypnosis, tapping, or energy work.

If you do these two simple things, you will see the results of your efforts very quickly. The only challenge will be to remain on one path long enough to see the results you desire before moving on to the next attainment.

We look forward to seeing what you bring into creation.

And we thank you.