Yep, I’ve had enough. Some things are leaving my life as of now.

sugary donutSugar, I’m done. I’d say we’ve had a good run, but I’m not really sure we have. No telling what havoc has been wreaked all this time. Thankfully I’m not diabetic, but for the past year or so, I can tell when my body has not been happy with you running too high through my system. I’m done with the brain fog too. And the fatigue. That stuff has just got to go. And let’s face it: I only turn to you when I need a “treat”. Only when I’m feeling stressed, or angry or guilty do I reach for the sugar. Why? Because in those moments I need some sweetness in my life. But let’s be clear – it doesn’t really help. It never changes the core issues that cause the guilt, stress, anger. So, starting now – I’m done.

Speaking of guilt, anger, stress, worry, anxiety, etc. – I’m done with you too. Does it really help to replay the same issues over and over and over again? No. It does not. So starting now I choose to be the observer. I choose to take action where I can, to make plans to the best of my ability, and to roll with the changes. Is that even possible? Yes. Yes it is. Because I’m done with the worry. It’s gone on far too long. It doesn’t help anyone. I’m not going to stop caring. I’m just going to stop eating myself up inside over everything beyond my control. So. Done.

beautiful nature viewAnd speaking of things that are beyond my control – I’m done worrying about Mercury retrograde, full moon energy, geomagnetic storms, etc. etc. etc. There is literally something cosmic going on every single day. That is a whole lot of stuff to burden yourself with. I’m done being burdened. I’m just going to live. Will I still check whenever my children go completely insane and ragey? Yes. I will check and I will say ‘Oh, geomagnetic storms’ and I will have some empathy. Some. But those burdens are leaving my life too. I’m done with self-imposed burdens like that. They don’t rule me. They never did.

Starting today I am building my life the way I want it. I am done with doing things any other way. I am setting boundaries that say ‘This is my life and I deserve to have it the way I really want it’. I am going to live a life with energy, a clear head, a full heart, lots of love, and peace. Peace!

Will you join me?

I’m done.