Dear Ones,

It is common knowledge there that when you are seeking some answers, you look to those who have ample experience or education in the topic. We would tell you that you have access to every knowledgeable being in the known (and unknown) multiverse.

When you have questions and seek answers, you generally turn to your internet. However, although there are lots of experiences to be found and referenced there, there really is no better reference than what you call your soul. 

If you cultivate the practice of conferring with your own soul, or, you might call it your higher self, you will find a broader perspective. This perspective is helpful because it is like having a guide who is standing on a mountain while you are below on the ground. Your guide can see what you’ve been through, but also what you are approaching and how close you are to your preferred destination.

And so, although it is great fun for you to “play” with your internet of ideas and knowledge, at times it may be more appropriate to confer with a guide who can see the “bigger picture” and can point you in the direction of what you most want.

We hope this helps you.

And we thank you.

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