Dear Ones,

What we have for you today is a message regarding the peace you seek. We would say the surest way to find peace, as we have said many times, is to go within. There are many layers to this advice.

When you go within you still the chatter.

We see that there are a lot of inputs in your world today and many of you are doing several things at once. When you do this, you train your mind to operate faster and more efficiently. However, you also sometimes miss out on the “little things” that make your life feel worth living. If we were there, we would take moments to observe a flower, a butterfly, the grain of the wood on a fence. For these are uniquely Earth things and worth observing. We would find joy in the observation of things and we think you do too.

When you go within you find what does not agree with who you truly are.

All beings on this planet grow up with other people’s thoughts and ideas imprinted into their subconscious minds. We would suggest that whenever you find one of these ideas, you ask if it aligns with who you know yourself to really be. In this way, you will rise in vibration as you realize your true being.

When you go within you connect to source.

And when you connect to source, you connect to the love that you are and that you are always, always a part of. This remembering also holds your vibration at where you believe it “needs” to be. And this is where you want to operate from. This is where you want to build your world from. Practice feeling this feeling of connectedness to The All and you will see the things you want manifest.

We know these practices will help you as we see (from our perspective) the vibrations of your beings rise. And since we also know about the world you want to see and live in, we can see that this will help you achieve it.

And we thank you.