Long ago when all of the ghost hunting shows came out I wondered why the heck they always walked around in the dark. Is that really necessary? Here are my thoughts on the whole ghost hunting in the dark thing.

Ghost Hunting Interference

My first thought is – maybe they don’t want electricity interfering with their equipment. But then when their equipment malfunctions or their batteries drain they explain that spirits use that energy to manifest. So… why don’t you have all the lights on? Wouldn’t you be more likely to see them if they had more energy to use? My son, playing devil’s advocate, says if you leave all the lights on, the ghosts may have enough energy to hurt someone – like making a light bulb explode. So maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea.

Ghost Hunting In The Darkness

a candle for ghost hunting in the darkWhen you watch a documentary about a haunted location, the staff and visitors have stories about ghost sightings or things moving – when the lights are on. Sometimes in broad daylight. So what’s the rationale for turning the lights out? So the ghosts won’t be scared to come out? Then why are they active during the day too? People sometimes mistake ghosts for people in costume that they assume are staff members. But maybe they want to catch or hear from the shy ghosts. Hmm…


Ghost Hunting Fear Factor

My daughter chimed in to say that they do it to make the show seem scary. It’s true that they do often add creepy music and sound effects. Sometimes to an irritating degree – when you can’t even hear the thing they are replaying because the sound effects or music overshadow the knocking or voice or whatever. They do have to keep the ratings up I suppose. People do love to be scared.

Ghost Hunting For Everyday Use

ghost hunting in a coffee cupI, for one, would like to see some shows where the whole experience happens in the light. I understand night ghost hunts because you do need quiet to pick up on things. It’s hard to differentiate between a bunch of people in the hall or outside and a disembodied voice when there’s a bunch of hustle and bustle going on. But leave some lights on, people. Maybe you’ll actually see more that way.

Ghost Poll

If you’ve had an experience where you either saw or heard a ghost, or had something move unexpectedly, was it during the day or at night? I’ve seen one at night and two during the day. I’ve also heard someone whistling a few notes of a song while I was in the middle of an empty field early in the morning (no, it wasn’t a bird). So my tally is three in the light and one in the middle of the night (although there was a small light on then too). Have you seen or heard ghosts in the light or in the dark? Cast your vote in the comments!

As they say at the end of every Most Haunted episode: Until then, sleep tight.





Photo credits:
Candle in the dark – Photo by David Monje on Unsplash
Ghosts header – Photo by Jesse Bowser on Unsplash
Ghost in the coffee – Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash