Dear Ones,

We speak to you today, in all seriousness, about a topic you would benefit from knowing about. Today we will tell you about your persistence in that which is not beneficial to your advancement.

We know that it is a fascinating experience there to focus on many different topics at once. We understand that it was the desire to have this experience there on earth – where you have so many options and directions in which to experience “self” and “other”. However, perhaps it has gotten a little “out of control” so to speak.

We believe that if you attempt to simplify or focus on only one or two streams of activity, and you create just one or two goals at a time, you would find your advancement more forthcoming. In other words, at this time you are quite scattered and it is more difficult to come together in groups, with a purpose, when your focus is divided between so many different things.

And so, we recommend, if you would like to take part in “The Coming Together”, [next phase of humanity] that you create just two main goals for yourself, and then work toward fulfilling those goals before you move on to others. You can still come up with many more things you would like to accomplish, be, do or have, but write them down and save them for when you have completed your first one or two.

In this way you are focusing your energy more efficiently, and you are much more likely to achieve what it is you wish to achieve. In addition, your fellow beings there will also benefit from your accomplishments. We would also like to add that humanity, as a whole, is more in resonance when you do this – and you will come into alignment with the next phase of humanity more quickly.

We hope this serves you in your endeavors.

And we thank you.