What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is just a focused state of attention. If you have ever done a meditation (guided or otherwise), it’s pretty much the same. You know what’s going on the whole time, and you will remember everything from your session.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?

Since hypnosis is just a focused state of attention, anyone can be hypnotized. I have had clients tell me other people had tried to hypnotize them and it didn’t work. What they meant was that they didn’t feel hypnotized. Whether you feel hypnotized or not, we’ll still be able to do what we need to do. No worries.

Am I going to end up quacking like a duck whenever someone claps?

Only if you feel like it.  🙂  Weirdness like that is reserved for stage hypnotists who want to entertain audiences. They will test people for suggestibility (how easily hypnotizable someone is) and will also choose the most outgoing people who would normally do outlandish things for attention anyway. We don’t need to do any of that for our purposes of past life regression.

Can I get stuck in a hypnotic trance?

No. If the hypnotist gets up and leaves the room in the middle of a session, you will eventually just open your eyes and wonder where they went.

Can I get stuck in a past life?

No. Remembering a past life is just like remembering your last birthday. You can’t get stuck in your last birthday either.

I’m worried I’m going to remember something painful.

I’ve remembered numerous painful events from past lives, but none of them were very traumatic for me. It’s kind of like watching a movie where the characters are experiencing something terrible. You feel bad for them, but what happened to them is already over and done, so there really isn’t anything to get upset about. You may find yourself crying if you are sad (which is not a bad thing and feels very theraputic most times), but if anything violent happens, there are techniques I use to pull you away from that so that you can view it without being overly impacted by it emotionally.

How many lives can one person have?

A lot. Remember that scene at the end of “Raiders of The Lost Arc” where the guy is rolling the crate with the arc in it through a warehouse? The camera pans out and you see that the warehouse seems to go on and on and on. So. Many. Lives. Check out the “My Past Lives” page for a list of some of the past lives I have visited and what I learned from them.

What if I’m making it all up?

It’s entirely possible. If that is what happens, how amazing is our brain to be able to make up a whole life with names, dates, costumes and events that correspond to events in your current life? And all in order to help you today.  It’s incredible! So go with it! Whether it’s real or not, it’s extremely helpful – and it’s the benefits we’re after. However, I think you will find, after having your own experience, that it doesn’t feel made up at all.