Dear Ones,

There are combinations of factors affecting how you are receiving the collective energy right now. And along with the collective energy of the planet, you are integrating other “energies” that are coming in to aid in your ascension.

We can see that sometimes you receive these energies in perfect balance and are able to integrate them flawlessly – and we are quite amazed. But there are other times when the energy and information coming in creates a dissonance in your physical and emotional bodies. We see this as completely expected and normal. 

You see, you are in a unique position at the moment to work with how, and in what type of resonance, you receive and integrate while balancing the existing energy in your body. You are actually quite adept at this because you do it all the time and have done it your entire lives and lifetimes on Earth. But, you should know that the current timeline you have chosen is one of expedited ascension. And so the rate of assimilation of those energies you have always managed requires a bit more skill and practice.

We tell you all of this so that you will understand when you feel you are not doing enough or being enough to keep your physical and emotional aspects in balance. We see that there are times when you are able to do this with ease, but there are others when it seems impossible to manage.

We would say to you – it is alright. You will be given many opportunities to balance, and you will be able to assimilate everything you need to assimilate in order to be of service to The All and aid the ascension and advancement of not just your current planet and its people, but the entirety of creation. 

So, you see, it is a big job you are working on now. And you are actually excelling quite nicely. Be easy on yourselves and realize you have all the ability and time you need to achieve everything it is that you are meant to do.

And we thank you.


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