Afterlife Communication

When my parents were 20-somethings years ago, they made a pact with their friends: If any of them died before New Year’s Eve 1999, they would come back and show the others proof that there is life after death. They lost one friend in the mid 70’s and then my Mom in 1997. My Mom didn’t wait for 1999.

A few weeks after Mom died, my brothers and now ex-sisters-in-laws and I got together to “celebrate” my little brother’s birthday – as much as you can celebrate when your Mother just died. After dinner and cake and ice cream, we did what we sometimes did and pulled out the Ouija board. We never did anything serious with it. Just “what’s your name, how old are you, when did you die, blah blah blah”. Most of the time we didn’t get anything that made any sense – just a string of random letters or numbers. But this day was different.

message from the other side

Patricia Howard Huber
10-11-1942 to 8-7-1997

I think we had tried combinations of us together and just weren’t getting much. I always thought it moved better with my brothers and I on it at the same time, so we did that. It moved. We asked what the spirit’s name was. “Pat”. I shrugged.  Doesn’t mean it’s our Mom. Could be anyone named Pat. But when we asked for death date, birthdate, etc. we got all of Mom’s details. We were still suspicious. “What are our birthdays?” one of us asked. The planchette easily moved through the dates of all of our birthdays in order. Hmmm…

Okay, so what do you ask your Mom after she’s died and you didn’t expect to be able to “talk” to her again, much less get answers? I think it was my younger brother who asked “Where are you?” The planchette started moving and I was riveted waiting to see what she said.

E – L – S – E – W – H- E – R – E

Well that sounded like my Mom!

If I know my Mom (and I do), what I think she was trying to convey – short and sweet – was that nothing she could spell out to us would be sufficient for us to understand the complexity of where/who/what/when she was. Incidentally, she also told us that their friend who had died in the 70’s was now the grand-daughter of one of their friends. I guess she was fulfilling their pact with that additional info. Mind blown.

Seeing Life After Death With a Past Life Regression

So… “Elsewhere” is complicated? I think I got my own glimpse of it during a past life regression recently. I wrote about that regression here. During a hypnosis session in which I was exploring whether I’d had a past life with a friend of mine, I went past my death scene and ended up somewhere else. Yep, “Elsewhere” is appropriate when it’s nothing like you’ve experienced before.

I was in a void or darkness, but not scary. There just wasn’t any scenery. Actually, now that I think of it, not even a floor. It’s like we were on a plane. Not the kind that flies through the air, but some invisible plane on which we all “stood” just then. Beside me was someone I perceived to be a guide or adviser. He looked like a kind older man, and honestly kinda looked like someone from ancient Greece – robe-like clothing and all. He emanated kindness, understanding, and lots of happiness. In front of me and to my right were a group of souls who were made of white light and had human shapes, but I couldn’t make out any features. They weren’t scary either. We were there with a purpose, and that was to plan the life I had just seen in my regression.

I knew that we had just worked out all the details of what the individual souls in that group and I were going to do or “work on” in that life. We had all agreed. This particular life had a big lesson in it. I’m not going to pretend to know precisely what that was, but I know it was an option for me and I had decided (somewhat naively, maybe) to take it. So after negotiating all the little details, it was time for figuring out who was going to work with me on the big experience. Just then another light… person zipped up in front of my guide and I. He volunteered.

When I say he volunteered, it’s not like he walked up and said “I’ll do it” in a human voice or anything. In this place where I was, thoughts are conveyed, but they contain emotions too. So I knew his intention. He wanted to help, and he also wanted the opportunity for himself. He hoped I would allow him to do that. I would say he was anxious, but in that place there isn’t really any negative emotion or thought. I’d say he was more eager, but also cautious because he wasn’t sure what I would want. It was really remarkable that all this information sort of downloaded into my brain in a scene that probably lasted about 10 seconds in real time.

I remember when he came forward, all of the others in the group looked like they were talking to each other and some of them seemed surprised. I’m not sure why. I don’t know if it was because it was something about him, or because they didn’t know what we had planned until that moment. There was just a feeling that they were maybe a bit shocked and discussing it among themselves as if it were a rare thing. I should tell you, if you haven’t read the regression story, that he was a really bad dude in that life. Not nice things happened to me and he was the perpetrator – and that’s what we had planned. Maybe that was the shocker. Maybe that’s not a normal thing in Elsewhere. Anyway, my guide seemed okay with it and like I said, I felt kind of naive. I was also made of the glowing white light and I felt like I was just taking the suggestions my guide offered. Maybe I was a young soul at that time. I donno.

white hallway on the other sideThe only other time I saw Elsewhere was after I experienced another death in yet another past life regression. This was a life where I was burned at the stake. Yikes! After floating up out of that body, I found myself stepping out of a room – and I felt like it was the room where all of that whole life had just happened. As I closed the door and turned to face down the white hallway, my friend (who looked nothing like my friend does today) came down the hallway telling me with great enthusiasm how great I did in that life. That I had stuck to my convictions and did everything as I had planned (while my conscious mind was saying “uh.. yeah, but I died“).

I remember feeling like it was going to take me some time to process everything that had just happened and we started walking down the hallway. My appearance wasn’t similar to what I look like today in that “scene” either. Nor was I a light being. I don’t know who I looked like. Just a young woman with brown hair. Maybe what I had looked like in that life.

I’m not sure why that vision was so different from the life planning one. Maybe the more lives you spend on Earth, the more you identify with your physical self. Or maybe right after you come out of a life, it takes awhile to remember who you really are, and to give up the illusion of being a human. I’m looking forward to experiencing more regressions and exploring Elsewhere. There are lots of accounts from several famous past life regressionist’s sessions, but they seem inconsistent to me. I’d love to find out what makes them that way. And yes, it could just be because it’s our subconscious mind making it all up. Either way it’s pretty fascinating.

Stay tuned and I’ll post when I have more info to share. You can check out the past life experiences I’ve written up so far on my hypnosis website:

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