I have never been one to believe in an afterlife that mirrored the one on Earth. Because of that, I never contemplated that we might have names in spirit independent of the life we just left. But recently I’ve started exploring different sources of information about the plane of existence we go to after we leave this one, and it’s getting more and more interesting.

I just finished reading Micheal Newton’s Life Between Lives. In it (as with his other books), he talks about how we have names when we are in spirit. I remember wondering to myself why we would need names. In my experience in the life planning session that I saw during a past life regression, I had the feeling we recognized each other by something like a vibrational signature. Since we can read each other’s thoughts and intentions, I couldn’t imagine needing an actual name to “call” someone.

I Have A Dream

a blue and orange sunsetLast week I had a dream in which I called someone by a name that I knew was that person’s soul name. The interesting thing about it was that this name (which sadly I can’t remember now) meant pure or true intention and also meant the frequency, vibration and emotion of the color blue – or light blue.  Now, the emotion of the color blue was only valid in that space and time between lives, because we don’t experience the emotion of color here on Earth. At least not inherently.

I mean, we can say blue means sad, but that’s not true all over the world. Plus, that’s just a connotation of the word blue in English. The color blue could remind someone of the sky and therefore represent freedom for them, or peace. There are so many possible meanings, and all of them are subjective in relation to the individual’s personal experiences.

In this case I’m not even sure what the emotional state of blue was. If I knew it in the dream, I don’t remember it now.

Because I’ve now had a dream that introduced to me the idea that a name can represent so many different aspects of a person, I’m a little more open to soul names. In fact, I’m kinda interested in having a proper life between lives session for myself to find out what my soul name is and what it means.

When I do, I’ll report back and let you know.