Part of the lightworker mission is to send their light into tense situations. Today the Arcturians tell us where that light is needed in the present moment and why.

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Dear Ones,

The message we have for you today is about a truth you no longer need. That is the false truth that you are alone.

When you come into this life you have a set of inputs to sort through. The way these inputs are structured leaves you feeling that you are a separate being. This is by design. How else would you have an experience if you knew you were a part of all creation?

However, the human race, in its experience there, has taken separateness to extremes. It is now time to remove the lattice that is in place that keeps the separateness alive. It is now time to remember that you are all a part of each other.

And this is what you are seeing now. The pendulum swings strongly in the opposite direction of separateness and many people are shouting for equality. But you will all come back to center and create a balanced and peaceful way to have equality for all in a way that is based in love rather than the fear it is based in currently.

And so, as beacons of change, you all have the ability to send your light into any and all situations to bring them back to center more swiftly and peacefully. And that is where we recommend you put your focus at this time.

We will send our energetic support to you as you do this – you do not need to deplete your energy for this task. In the coming years, you will see the results of your efforts. We think you will be very pleased.

And we thank you.