Dear Ones, 

We’d like to talk to you today about an idea that it is now possible to entertain. The situation on the Earth at present, although chaotic, is perfect for reaching quick solutions for change. These solutions are brought about out of necessity, and this is why we wish for you to look around at the present state of the world and begin to see the beautiful things unfolding.

There are situations where many were in disagreement and it seemed no solution would ever be found. But the necessity of “time” has created an environment in which so many of the issues that have plagued your planet are now getting solutions “tested” that would not have been considered before.

So, all of you who had visions of reduction or removal of debt, new monetary systems, new ways of schooling, new ways of interacting with businesses such as doctors, new community initiatives, new food systems, and more are now seeing the seeds of change being planted. Right now, today.

Where many people see disruption and hardship and inconvenience, we see the beginnings of the New Earth you have been waiting for. And we will tell you this, you will be a part of creating it. There will be, in time, new types of jobs. You will no longer be part of a job just to make money, you will soon be taking a job that excites you because it will be a job that has to do with creating new and different types of cities, shopping centers, homes, community centers, hospitals, food growing facilities, and more. These will all be New Earth supportive systems and ways of creating and so many of you will be a part of it.

We give you this information so you can see what you are all building toward. We know your everyday lives are stressful right now, but we wish you to see what you are going to create because of it. And that is why humans are considered so beautiful and precious, and why so many want to participate in your Earth experience – especially at this time.

And we thank you.