Today we will speak to you of the current incoming energies. Some are feeling this as an excitement and a build-up to something coming – an anticipation. But some are feeling this through transmutation. And though you may feel there is a trigger instigating this feeling of purging – or transmutation as we prefer to call it – it is simply the energy running through your physical being realigning those things that are not in your best interest so that at the time of the arrival of this next – what you call wave of light we would say – energy,  you will be able to feel it and experience it in a more beneficial way.

And we would say this light energy coming in soon – many of you have felt that this would arrive in March – we cannot say. It is dependent upon this transmutation you are going through currently, some of you. Others are holding the excitement for those who are transmuting. We are hopeful that much can be achieved so that this next wave will accomplish all that you have been hoping for and removing more of the density, more of the polarity – what you have all requested.

We would also say that we are not the bringers of this wave – you are. You have requested it and it is a naturally occurring energetic of the universe. And with your request, your feeling states and with your transmutation, you have pulled this phenomenon toward your planet in order for it to allow you to clear the things you wish to clear from your fields.

And so, we would like you to know, though you may be excited, we ask that you hold the space for those who are currently transmuting these things that need to be converted, shifted, in order to be ready for this wave to be most beneficial. And we tell you who are transmuting that you are doing a great service to the entire planet, but also to all beings and to all energetics everywhere.

And we thank you.