We see you and today we would like to say that within the maelstrom which is currently affecting your planet there is a source of power you can use to unlock the secrets to having, being and doing everything you have ever wanted and more.

We will tell you that when you are in the deepest depths of despair, although you cannot always see it from within, you learn more about yourself and the state of all that is than at any other time in your existence. This includes your nonphysical existence.

When you choose to experience a time of great change, there is often great chaos that precedes it. But we would also tell you that great love is born of great chaos. You see the changes all around you. You see the willingness of those who want only to be of service. You feel compassion for others like no other time. And you imagine how things could be better than they ever have been “if only”.

Now is the time to create the “if only” reality. Now is the time to take the emergency measures and make them permanent for all.

This is the “great leveling”. The majority can see the beauty that could be. You will be creating it. And you can thank this global event for allowing everyone the opportunity to make it happen both in small ways and large.

You will love the new Earth you create. We can see it from our perspective.

There are many watching and lending energetic support to you now.

And we all thank you.

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