Dear Ones, Beloveds,

We meet you today in gratitude.

Today we speak to you on the topic of telepathy. We do this because, in examining the evolution of our communication, we believe this will be beneficial in your evolution of communication.

When speaking of telepathy, many of you will imagine words and sentences and paragraphs in one person’s mind being read by another person’s mind. However, this is not entirely accurate. For we think you do not think in complete sentences and well organized paragraphs. However, this is beside the point.

Our communication evolved to a point where thought forms were understood between parties (as allowed by both parties). But also, the entire history of that person’s understanding on a topic, and that person’s intention in delivering the information, and that person’s emotions surrounding that information or topic. So you could imagine that when so much information on so many levels is delivered along with the words, along with the information, that there is a lot of room for understanding. There is not much occurrence of misunderstanding for we would know the other person’s intention, their emotions, and there would not be a disagreement, so to speak, that was not appreciated and understood at many levels.

And so, we believe that you are headed in this direction. A direction in which, not only are your words heard, but the intention behind your words, the emotion behind your words. And you are more and more able to feel the truth of someone’s statement, or feel the understanding of why the person who speaks has that opinion. You can already feel for the background of the person, the experiences, the history of that person that lead them to have this feeling, and this feeling and this thought that they are delivering to you through speech. This is something you can already do.

Something else you can do is have empathy for that person’s path that lead to their current words, communications. We do not suggest you must agree with everyone. However, when you can understand the history, the intention, and why this person is speaking their truth – whether or not it agrees with your truth – then there is less misunderstanding, less frustration, less anger, and less reaction.

And so, although you may not agree with the person, you can hold empathy for them. You can reduce or remove the severe opposite response in yourself. And you can take time to reply in a way that addresses the fullness of the other person’s communication to you. And the more you practice this art of telepathy – this seeing into the other person, the more you develop this skill and the fewer disagreements there will be amongst all humanity.

And one last thing we would like to share. In our communications, always there is gratitude for the interaction. And this is why, in this transmission, we thanked you before we began. And we will thank you when we are done. And although we cannot always, to everyone, transmit the gratitude consistently and constantly, as we do amongst ourselves, we hope that beginning and ending with our gratitude will help you understand that it is constant.

We thank you.