Dear Ones,

When you are in a state of passion, we see that you react much more pleasantly than when you are in a state of panic. Panic is necessary, of course, at times. But passion seems much more to your liking. We speak of the passion of being completely immersed in an activity you enjoy such as creating art or music, or even being in love when it is new and even when it is old.

We understand that it gets difficult for you, at times, to engage in these activities due to your (what you call) 3D lives. But we see that when you make time for the things you are passionate about, your days seem to flow with much less effort. Your emotions seem to flow with much less effort.

And so, if you could make even a small amount of time available in which you participate in the things you love every day – even for five or 15 minutes – it will “set the tone” to passion for the rest of your day. It is a frequency that attracts a similar frequency toward you. We think you would enjoy having more of this feeling.

As always, we send you gratitude for allowing us to participate in your journeys.

And we thank you.