Dear Ones,

Our “view from the mountaintop” gives us a unique perspective of what is happening there on your planet. We have this perspective because we are not inside the happenings, and also because we can see where you have been and where you are headed as only we can from this “view”.

We would let you know that you are “on the rise”. You are starting to ascend – and that is the word of the day is it not? Your ascension is not as visible to you because the incline at present is so gradual. Also, when you are preoccupied with the walk and with looking at all the things around you, you are less likely to notice the terrain has changed at first. 

But we would say you can always take a moment to stop and take stock of where you are versus where you have been. Notice what has changed – both about your surroundings and about how you respond to them. How you respond to anything happening outside of you and also how you adapt to those things internally. How do you do and feel and think about things differently than you did just a year ago?

We use our unique perspective from outside of your experience to help guide you and let you know you are on the path you wish to be on in spite of what your surroundings and current events may seem to indicate. Those of you going within and tapping into the knowledge of The All will understand that your path is ascension and it is proceeding just as it is best able to.

We are always available to those who will clear their minds of any preconceived ideas and just allow information to flow in whether it “makes sense” at the moment or not. In fact, we quite enjoy the process of communicating with many of you in this way and would welcome an exchange with more of you.

Until then, we will continue to watch and advise. 

And we thank you.