Today we would speak to you about expansion. Specifically the expansion you are progressing through now. When you reach a point where you feel you have done all the processing you can – where you have finally understood that no more suffering is necessary – it is at this point where you reach the next level.

The next level for you might look like a sudden new understanding. It might look like meeting a new person who brings new knowledge. It might look like happening upon a video or a book that seems to come at just the right time. In these things you find the clues to the next phase of your awakening. The next step up or out we would say.

We would like you to know that what comes next can feel very profound, but as you adjust to the new understanding, you can feel as though nothing new is happening. This is not so. What is happening is that you are incorporating a new way of being and, depending upon how quickly you incorporate, the feeling can seem to fade quickly.

We would say to you it is not fading. It is integrating. As you awaken, you integrate more understanding that was previously outside of your experience. You incorporate more of what you call light or source. You incorporate more of who and what you really are.

And so, as you progress through the steps of this journey, realize that though you only delight in the short time of realizing a new truth, the integration of this truth – this seemingly blank period of time – is just the pause until the next big truth is revealed and known to you. You may use this time to look forward to what’s next “around the corner”.

And we thank you.


Photo by NASA on Unsplash