Dear Ones,

We come to you today with a message of peace. But before you assume it is your standard overused message of peace, let us explain.

When you are in a world of duality, a world of divisiveness, you can see strife and discord all around you. You see how people do not get along, do not understand each other. You all want things to be better for yourselves. Some of you want things to be better for everyone. This is the purview of the light-worker.

Some light workers choose to come into the world and be the examples of what a truly “hard life” is. And so you know, from experience, that there are some things the majority of people don’t know. You come from the perspective of having lived it, and so you have compassion and understanding. But you also must transcend the part of “living inside the hurt” of the experience so that you can explain to the majority, what it is they are not understanding about that way of life.

You see, you don’t just have the experience and transcend it, you use it to help the All. You do this by being compassionate – not just to those who have been through the same or similar experience, but to those who couldn’t possibly understand what it is like to live inside that experience. Now you have the perspective and the new state of being to be able to explain to everyone not in that experience how to help those who are. How to give them what they need to transcend it, and how to help make sure no one else ever has to have that experience again. 

You. You are the ones. You who have been hurt have a purpose to help everyone transcend and ascend through compassion. Because you do not want safety and beauty and love and freedom for some. You want it for all.

And we thank you.


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