Today we will begin with a story. Once upon a time (as you say) there were some beings who didn’t know their own power. And so they lived in fear and worry and doubt and lack. But one day one of them thought a thought: “What if I think and believe differently?” And so he tried it and his life improved. Others saw this and asked how he achieved such wondrous things. When he explained, some tried it for themselves, and they also achieved great things. 

Now, we will tell you that these beings had those within them who were deeply rooted in their way of life and so they did not think it was right to change. They believed they were meant to live as they were. Those ones just had to wait until almost everyone around them had changed and become happy and enjoyed their existence. Then they believed. And when they finally believed it, they could feel it for themselves.

You may think we are describing Earth and the current times, but we are not. This process you are all going through has happened elsewhere. And we wish to tell you that you are the ones who control the outcome. Each aspect of source has the ability to live in lack and worry and doubt, or to begin to think a different thought and try a different way to live. Because the ways they had previously tried did not bring a better life. It brought only more of the same.

And so, we wish for you to ask yourselves if your existence is the experience you most want to have. And if not, what thoughts can you change that will change your experiences? In doing this, you not only help yourselves to a better life, but you will help others by example. And eventually, you will persuade even the beings most polarized to the negative that there is a way that brings more of what they want. And then you have no need for anything outside of yourself to create life exactly as you wish to see it.

We think you would enjoy this and you can start now.

And we thank you.