Dear Ones,

We would speak to you today on compassion. We see that within each one of you lies the glowing, being of love that you truly are. And we see you shining this light, so to speak, outward toward those others you perceive as needing help at any given time. We see you giving your love out as much as possible. That is your nature.

But we would offer that some of that light needs to flow in support of you. It needs to nurture your being so that you feel the love you are giving away.

In doing this, you actually call more of your light onto the planet for you to give away. We know that it is often contrary to your upbringing or culture to spend time dedicated to loving yourself. And so we tell you that it is actually more beneficial to all for you to do so. And it is.

And so, whenever you want to “help” and be a true light worker, and be in service to others, you must call forth that feeling of love within yourself and for yourself. When you do this, you balance your physical self in this dimension. And, as we have said, this allows more of that loving energy to come through in support of the entire collective.  Even if you do nothing else but build this love within yourself.

We would love to see all humans building this love within themselves first. For if you all did, there would be nothing left to do. You would all be “free” of any programming. You would all be free to do what you most enjoy and free to love all others as yourselves. 

If you can imagine that, and you can begin within yourself, it can happen.

We look forward to experiencing this with you.

And we thank you.