Dear Ones,

We wish to speak to you today about a topic which has long been neglected in your history. We are speaking of the will to become the truest, greatest aspects of yourselves.

You have many cultural structures there which have been built over time for the purpose of making things easier. However, as humans evolve, those cultural structures cannot “keep up”. And so what you have there are a great many beings wishing to be the most majestic aspects of themselves that they can embody on earth, and yet they also have restrictions to that end. In addition, there are those on earth who are tied into those structures so tightly that they cannot see how life could exist and be safe without them.

We speak not only of law, and traditions but also religions of the world.

When you step outside of the earth life you can see that everyone there has tried on every role there. As we have said, you have been beggars and the wealthiest of people. You have been murdered and murderer, liar and lied to, lover and loved, sick and healthy. You have been every color of skin and inside every country’s borders. And so this is why wars and hatred make no sense at all from a higher perspective.

However, there were experiences to be had. And there was expansion and growth.

At this point in your journey, there is no longer a need for discord and cultural restriction. Now is the time for you to rediscover yourself. It is a time to feel who you really are and what you really want to do in life. It is time for you to explore in new and beautiful ways – and you are doing that now.

And so, you will see around you, your fellow beings struggling with breaking free of the old to create a new, more expansive reality for themselves. And you, yourselves, will also be “stepping up” to the next level of finding your true being.

We think you will enjoy this process.

And we thank you.

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