Channeling August 23, 2018

Today in your world is a sort of turning point. You are coming out of hardship and lack and you are coming into a more confident place inside yourself where you can begin to create what you want to see in your personal life and in your own world. And as everyone begins to do this, there will be a snowball effect. Not everyone has the same function or specific aspect that they focus on. And so some will focus on the Earth, some will focus on the animals, some will focus on the plants, some will focus on the heart, some will focus on the mind and we should all be supportive… ooo… there we said that word “should”. We will correct and say if you wish a more pleasant experience, you can be more supportive of each other even if another’s specialty, should we say, is not similar to yours. Even if their daily experience is not similar to yours. You can honor them and their piece of the grander puzzle.

Even if someone else’s opinion does not seem to make sense to you, it is still important to the bigger picture. It is their piece, not your piece. So, let them have their piece [peace] (both meanings) and you focus on your piece and bringing light and awareness in the way you bring it.

September will be, for you, a process of holding the light and focusing on your piece. Do not spread yourselves too thin by trying to save everyone and everything. You have your specialty. Focus on your specialty. Everyone else will focus on their specialty and it will all come together.

So for September do not lose track of your light. Hold your space. Stay confident in your abilities, your knowing, and get excited about the new insights and the new inspirations that come to you. We think you will enjoy yourselves if you do this.

In spite of the chaos in your planetary systems that have been a part of your culture for so many hundreds and thousands of years, if you go within, focus on your own specialty, your own gifts,  your own insights, share that with those who need to hear, who want to hear. Don’t push. Allow others to share their pieces and September will be a coming together of all these pieces – a cohesion. And that will help in moving into October which is a different type of energy. And that is all we will say for now.

Channeled: Your Piece of the Puzzle