Have you noticed a big increase of crap going on right now? Illnesses, accidents, death, and general irritations are plaguing me at the moment. You may be seeing this too. I know mercury is in retrograde, but this goes beyond that.

Picture of Dwight Howard, my Uncle, holding a glass of wine.My Uncle died on the 23rd. This, of course, reminded me of my Mother who we lost in 1997, and also my Grandfather who died of the same thing as my Uncle (and my husband’s step-father). That can take you down a spiral of darkness that is just not at all welcome. And even though I believe my uncle is probably experiencing great relief at being “done” with this life and it’s lessons (based on my own death experiences from past life regressions), I am really sad for the loss of that one unique soul and personality we will not get the honor of interacting with any more in this life. I’m sad for my Aunt and cousins, too. It’s a hard time. Others of my family and friends have suddenly lost loved ones out of the blue recently as well. It’s just an unusual flurry of… junk! Yucky, unwelcome junk.

Ho, ho, ho? Not so.

I was having a really hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year and trying to get excited about it. Finally on Christmas Eve, with my Dad and brothers and their families here, I started feeling a little better. Christmas morning was fun for me and I loved seeing the kids having fun with the gifts I had chosen. Whew!

Man in hospital with splint on legThen, just as I was about to settle in for several hours of doing absolutely nothing (and thoroughly enjoying it), my husband fell and we had a seven hour diversion in the nearest E.R. What the WHAT?!  I mean, seriously! So, after switching my focus to taking care of him and the kiddos and getting them all squared away, I was looking forward to resting a bit today – maybe catching up on some housework. But no, that was not to be. My eight year old woke up with a fever of 104. UGH!

Through most of this, I was not too terribly overwhelmed. I was coping just fine (even if I didn’t like any of it). I mean, it’s life, right? Stuff happens and sometimes the bad stuff bunches up. You have to just move on. I’m handling it all okay. Still, I’m left wondering “what the flippin’ heck is going on here?”, so I decided to check in with my higher self and see if there was any insight to be had.

What’s Going On?

Snow SceneHonestly, I can’t remember the words that came through first (I should really write that stuff down!), but I did get an image of a snowplow, plowing up a bunch of snow. The meaning that also came through was that sometimes we have snow and some people love it and some people hate it, and some want an insane amount and some others feel that would be a huge hardship. Kinda like bad stuff – or challenges. At a soul level, some of us want a freakin’ blizzard. Some of us wouldn’t mind just some flurries now and again. We can handle that.

But right now, some of us have had a huge bunch of snow drop on us. There is some clearing going on and we are inside of that bunched up part of snow that is really thick, right in front of the plow. We are inside of a thick layer of challenges and bad “stuff”.


Don’t Fret

But take a breath and remember that the challenges come and GO. These will fade and the clear and calm will prevail again. I’m feeling the energy of a higher perspective coming in very soon. Hopefully right at the beginning of January. This will help us see things from the big picture perspective and they will make more sense (or at least be comforting). It also feels like the middle to end of January will be a nice time to take a break and re-group. Very calm and quiet.

So keep your chin up. We’re just clearing out a massive amount of negative and unwanted energy right now. A more positive wave is on it’s way. Hang in there!