Dear Ones,

When you are expecting an event or happening, it can boost the energy of your being for a time. In humanity, when you have “something to look forward to”, your energy rises. For those of you anticipating the autumn equinox, this is so. You know, of course, that when any significant portion of your collective raises its energy, you will feel it too. And so, for the days leading up to today, there has been a rise in the energetic of the collective there.

Now, you may be experiencing this as a rise in anxiety, distress, or physical symptoms. We would like to explain further that this happens for a reason. In order to create a knowing in your awareness, there generally needs to be a physical event. And so, when you “catch” a cold, or have a sudden emotional experience, you will notice. These are large enough impressions upon you that you may feel the need to understand what has caused such an event.

It is in the exploration that you uncover untrue thoughts about yourself. To be more in alignment with constantly rising frequencies, you must be aware of what is untrue in order to release it from your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

So, whenever you have a cold, aches, an emotional “melt-down”, or similar, allow the event to happen and see what arises for you. What beliefs are you noticing that are not in alignment with a higher level of consciousness?

When you take the time to ask yourself this, you will be able to release that which you no longer need. We know that as you release and release you will feel lighter, more in love, and more your true self. We look forward to experiencing this with you.

And we thank you.

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