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If you’re as intrigued by the Titanic disaster as I am, you’ll love this. Yesterday my son told me he had watched a youtube video where they said the immortal ship had been sunk by fire, not ice. What?!  Yeah, apparently there were some photos that had been found showing a dark spot on the outside of the ship which suggested a fire inside had weakened the hull exactly where the iceberg struck. Nuh-uh!

They didn’t give a lot of detail in that video since it was one of those sensational-for-clicks ones, but I wanted to know more. I had planned a channeling session and had a list of questions for myself and one of my friends, so I added the Titanic to the list! What I got was nothing much different than I already suspected, but I also got a nice little soul lesson to boot at the end.

Here’s the transcript for that question and answer. 

How did the Titanic really sink? What events led to or contributed to the sinking?

The Titanic was a dream that was restricted by lower level thinking. The vision for it, we would say, had to come down a few notches. Because the original vision would not have had any problems, safety issues were not considered as important as if the… The man holding the original vision was not perhaps directly connected to those who were building the ship itself and installing safety features. His vision was sound. But there was a gap between his idea and the reality that it became. Everyone was confident, but the ship was not the vision they held. It was not as good. And so for example, the seams of the ship were not as strong, the staff was not as well trained, and even the passengers did not have the correct expectations.

However, we would also say some experiences are planned for the balance of a previous experience – a balancing. For example, those who had caused fear in others in a life at some point might have wanted to experience fear – perhaps not in the same way – yet to experience fear as a balance to that other life. There were many emotions that could be balanced from this one event. Although we would not say it was necessarily predestined, however, in this timeline many souls took advantage of the opportunity to balance some other lives for their completeness of understanding. And of course all those souls are okay because the soul does not die.


This morning I watched a documentary which was surely where that youtuber got his information. Apparently there had been a fire in the coal in the bulkheads which weakened the metal to the point where it cracked and split wildly where the iceberg hit. There was a whole lot more involved, so I’ll link the video below.

What I found interesting was that they mentioned how White Star Line’s management kept requiring the designers/engineers to cut corners and shave costs. So whoever was the actual visioneer and designer of the structure of the ship had not planned for it to be so… chintzy.

Hmmm… Yes… very interesting!

What do you think really happened?





Ocean Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash